K-9 Kudzu

By Jim Potter

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Published: July 11, 2023
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My name is Kudzu. I’m a German Shepherd Dog who works in law enforcement as part of a team. My partner’s name is Deputy Tom Jennings.

I’m also called a canine. That’s spelled c-a-n-i-n-e. When I’m working with Tom, I’m known as a “K-9,” but that’s with the letter “K” followed by the number “9.”

Tom takes his work too seriously. I’m always trying to get him to play with me.

My most fun activity is playing with my blue ball.

Since I’ve been working as a K-9 for fourteen years—that’s two years in people time—I’ve learned a lot about the way police officers do their jobs.

Today I’m going to share with you some of the vocabulary words I’ve learned while helping police officers.

I’ll introduce the words to you in alphabetical order.

Have fun learning.



“I like the story because it is being told from Kudzu’s perspective as a police dog, and I got to learn police words. Kudzu was cute and funny. I love animals, especially dogs! Good job Kudzu!” – Isaiah St. Pierre, 10-year-old, 4th grade student

“A great book for students, parents, or teachers. Learn more about the canine unit with Kudzu’s humorous narrative. Read for fun or just because you love dogs or police officers. Fun and informative.” – Gwen Bartlett, former grade school librarian

“The author did an excellent job of explaining the A-B-Cs of police work. Each chapter’s discussion questions can lead to meaningful dialogue between children and parents, increasing critical communication.” – Randy Henderson, Retired Reno County (KS) Sheriff; Executive Director KS Association Chiefs of Police; FBI National Academy Associate #227

Table of Contents

“A” is for Accident

“B” is for Badge

“C” is for Car

“D” is for Detective

“E” is for Enforcement

“F” is for Food

“G” is for Gun

“H” is for Handcuffs

“I” is for Investigate

“J” is for Jail

“K” is for Kudzu

“L” is for Law

“M” is for Motorcycle

“N” is for Night

“O” is for Officer

“P” is for Patrol

“Q” is for Question

“R” is for Radio

“S” is for Stop

“T” is for Ticket

“U” is for Uniform

“V” is for Vest

“W” is for Warning

“X” is for X-ray

“Y” is for Yield

“Z” is for Zone


Questions and Answers

Appendix A: Phonetic Alphabet

Appendix B: Police Radio 10-Codes

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Illustrator Biography

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